Korkoro Conservatory of Theatre Arts



Korkoro Conservatory of Theatre Arts  is an educational project of the Korkoro Theater. These are intensive trainings based on the practices of ritualistic, experimental and laboratory theaters (including but not limited to: reciprocal work, craft stage skills, the workshop of Inner Freedom metodology). We use original teaching methods out of  Korkoro Theater research and the workshop techniques achieved during work on the performances.

Thanks to the classes, participants will be able to discover new possibilities of their own body, reach the personal language of non-verbal communication, expand stage  self-awareness. The whole workout is made as a process of increasing perception and increasing the sensitivity of all senses. We are going to develop as an actors, our instincts, reactions and reflexes.


Why Conservatory?


The actor on the stage should play the „stage score” based on the specific abilities of the craft he performs. We believe that an actor’s work requires effort and persistence to be undertaken. This determination can be compared to the persistence with which listeners of musical conservatories carry out the tasks set before them.


The trainings have the character of a three-hour intense periodical work. we require a comfortable outfit without metal elements, such as buttons, zippers, etc. Classes are directed by actors, dancers, artists and art enthusiasts, determined to practical acting and other stage activities.

Classes are conducted in English, Polish or beyond words.


Korkoro Theatre

We unite and cooperate with theater actors, animators, artists, singers, researchers of history and literature as well as other searching souls. Every day, our artists cooperate with such institutions as the Gdańsk Shakespeare Theater, the Gardzienice Theater, the Academy of Fine Arts, the Stella Polaris Theater and the Grotowski Institute.

Our theater is constantly transgressing – we reach where others saw an unstoppable wall. We do the impossible by organizing the largest street parades in Europe, performances played for our audience in snow and rain. We are looking for a theater on the street, a stage, in everyday situations or on expeditions to distant countries, We pierce our projects developing artists in their passions, and find it in our hearts, everyone who knows our workshops.


Artistic supervision:

Krzysztof Dziwny Gojtowski – founder and leader of the Korkoro Theater, social innovator. For years, he has collaborated with ritual and anthropological theaters such as the Gardzienice Center for Theater Practices or the Norwegian street theater „Stella Pollaris”. He made a number of performances and street performances, including the Shakespeare 400 parade, greeting the British princely couple in Gdansk, and the award-winning spectacle „Witkacy’s Hipergenitalia”. Creator and implementer of the concept of working with inner freedom. A nice, smiling man.